Selden stone work

Founded in 2012

Nick McKay, a Master Mason with a Vision

Redefining the essence of outdoor living spaces.

Nestled in the heart of Wayne & Pike Counties, PA, and extending our services into Sullivan County, NY, Selden Stone Co. has redefined the essence of outdoor living spaces. Our founder, Nick McKay, a master mason with an unbridled passion for transforming landscapes, embarked on this journey with a vision to merge the rugged beauty of nature with the elegance of artisanal craftsmanship. Today, Selden Stone Co. stands as a testament to that vision, embodying the art of hardscaping and landscaping design.

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Our Services

Our Philosophy

Crafting Nature into Art

At Selden Stone, we see beyond the ordinary. We believe that every stone, every boulder, and every patch of earth holds a story waiting to be told. Our philosophy is simple yet profound - to transform these natural elements into living art. We do not just alter landscapes; we enhance them, creating spaces that resonate with beauty, functionality, and timeless elegance.

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A Team of Skilled Artisans

"Our team is our pride. Composed of highly skilled artisans, each member brings their unique touch to our projects, united by a shared love for nature and design. We are craftsmen, artists, and visionaries, dedicated to creating outdoor spaces that not only look spectacular but also serve as functional, enduring extensions of your home."

Specializing in Harmonious Outdoor Spaces

The essence of our work lies in creating harmony. We specialize in designing outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend the untouched beauty of nature with human craftsmanship. From the majestic ruggedness of boulder walls to the intricate patterns of paver walkways, each of our projects is a symphony of natural elements and artisanal precision.

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Tailoring Dreams into Reality

Every project at Selden Stone is a journey from imagination to reality. We listen, we envision, and we create, ensuring that every client’s dream is brought to life with our signature touch. Whether it’s a serene garden path, a robust retaining wall, or an elegant poolside hardscape, we tailor each project to reflect your personal style and needs.